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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New X-47B UCAS video released

Northrop Grumman has released a sharp new video of the first flight of the X-47B UCAS demonstrator at Edwards AFB, California on Feb 4. The video includes interesting ‘pilot’s eye’ views from the control room, as well as extended air-to-air shots of the vehicle banking and using its spoilers/flight control surfaces. Latest word from the desert meanwhile indicates that bad weather forecast for southern California later this week has pushed back the next flight attempt to late next week.
Northrop Grumman/YouTube
blog post photo
X-47B and MQ-4C BAMS mock-ups seen on display at NAS Naval Air Station, San Diego, at last weekend’s Naval Aviation Centennial celebration. Note the drooped wings of the BAMS which is actually based on an early Global Hawk-mock-up, and therefore not (strictly speaking) representative of the higher dihedral configuration of the later variants, including the upcoming MQ-4C – the first of which are in initial production with first flight scheduled for 2012. (Guy Norris)

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