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Friday, March 4, 2011

Libyans Capture Dutch Helicopter Crew

The three-man crew of a Royal Netherlands Navy helicopter was captured on Sunday, the Netherlands Ministry of Defense announced today. The Lynx helicopter of the Hr. Ms. Tromp air defense and command frigate (LCF) was captured by a Libyan unit loyal to Muammar Kaddafi while on a "consular evacuation operation" in Sirte. The two people the helicopter was attempting to evacuate have since been transferred to the Netherlands embassy in Tripoli and the Dutch government is trying to secure the release of the helicopter crew.

blog post photo
Hr. Ms. Tromp leaving Den Helder on 7 February

The Hr. Ms. Tromp arrived on the Libyan coast on 24 February to evacuate Dutch citizens from Libya. Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) C-130 and KDC-10 aircraft have successfully evacuated Dutch and other citizens from Libya.

blog post photo
RNLAF C-130 in Tripoli
Over the weekend, a British Royal Air Force C-130 evacuated British citizens from Libya with the support of the SAS.

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