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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Free Trade Zones Benefit Latin America MROs

All three major maintenance, repair and overhaul facilities in Central America are located in free trade zones, which expedite parts delivery, elifminate taxes and help cut maintenance turnaround times.
The three MROs are Coopesa, in San Jose, Costa Rica; Aeroman, in San Salvador, El Salvador; and ST Aerospace Panama, in Balboa, Panama.
The latest news from El Salvador is that Aeroman completed its 1,000th aircraft heavy check in February, an Airbus A319 for US Airways. The maintenance facility completed the first 500 between 1987-2006, which reveals the fast pace growth in recent years.
The facility now mostly completes more work-intensive checks that require two to four times the number of days as smaller checks, however, so executives there say the pace of logging heavy checks actually might slow down, due to more work on larger, more labor-intensive packages.

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